Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wolves of the dark, cold North

The Norwegian trio Ulver (Wolves), signed on Jester & The End Records, has made a long way since their first recorded demo in 1993.

Breaking away from their black metal roots around 2000 after being heavily inspired by Coil, Ulver covered genres like neofolk, avant-garde rock, even chamber music, and today is mostly renowned for experimental music and a handfull of soundtracks.

From the 'black metal era':
Bergtatt (1994)
Nattens Madrigal (1996)

More in an avant-garde direction, they start blending metal with electronic and ambient passages:
Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven And Hell (1998)

Even more experimental, heavily Coil-inspired, minimal, and first soundtracks:
Perdition City (2000)
Teachings In Silence (EP, consisting of the EPs Silence Teaches You How to Sing & Silencing the Singing; 2002)
Lyckantropen Themes (soundtrack; 2002)
1993-2003 1st Decade in the Machines (2003)

Second decade in the machines - more symphonic approaches and drone:
A Quick Fix of Melancholy (EP; 2003)
Svidd Neger (soundtrack; 2003)
Blood Inside (2005)
CUT WOODeD (a 15min track from Ulver's appearance on WHITEbox by Sunn O))); 2006)
Shadows Of The Sun (2007)

Ulver will be playing at the Mollafestival 2009.