Monday, April 28, 2008


I just wrote my very own LOL-curriculum vitae today, after being asked to describe my person in one 'longer' sentence. Or what I'm actually doing. Or whatever.
WTF people? You talked to me any longer than 5 min and actually imagine I could describe my life in ONE fucking phrase? LOL. Srsly.

The 50 most relevant facts about Esther Schneeweisz, randomly ordered:

Fact #01: Also known as: Astera / tgfkae (the girl formerly known as Esther) / Miss Snowwhite / Marzipanreeh / esc / Okapi / sweets.
Fact #02: Berliner-by-choice. At least for 50% of the year.
Fact #03: Founder of Team Dirty Chai, a.k.a. TDC, hashtagged #tdcag on Twitter. Taking care of press coverage, story-building, and a Flickr appreciation group.
Fact #04: Creator of several not-so-very wide-spread internet memes, and explaining them by conversions to mathematical formulas.
Fact #05: Never tested biological weapons on fellow teammates. Pretty constantly rickrolling them though, partly by accident.
Fact #06: Industrial designer stuck at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Fact #07: Working about 16 hours a day as a troublemaker and -shooter in only one person.
Fact #08: Start-up marketing consultant.
Fact #09: Account manager at a young & dynamic advertising and design agency.
Fact #10: Working on the Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Sector II adventure game (and several other projects for Monochrom).
Fact #11: Addicted to design, tech and aesthetics in general.
Fact #12: Photoshop wizard.
Fact #13: Geeky games concept consultant.
Fact #14: The personified feedback.
Fact #15: Part of the Metalab documentation e1337e.
Fact #16: Part time stylist.
Fact #17: Part-of-part time blogger.
Fact #18: Obsessed with language.
Fact #19: The one and only Suicide Girl riding a golden single speed racer.
Fact #20: Giving vegan cupcake baking workshops.
Fact #21: Involved in waaay too many projects.
Fact #22: Former assistant at the UoAA, institute for design; and studio manager of Kabiljo, Inc.
Fact #23: Has worked on various talks, exhibitions and fashion shows.
Fact #24: Said to be 'the super human motivator. Without black magic'.
Fact #25: Heavy conference crasher.
Fact #26: Currently aiming to incorporate sex, sheepy fluffiness and heavy alcoholic drinks to a robot engineering project.
Fact #27: Still working on an Apple-z life hack. Asked to invent motivation-out-of-the-bottle right afterwards.
Fact #28: Ruby coding n00b.
Fact #29: Easily gathering fancrowds, as, for example, Bunnie the Chumby hacker guy.
Fact #30: Feels attracted by nerds and geeks. Naturally, that is.
Fact #31: Is dating via Twitter only.
Fact #32: Was trying hardest to make peeps think she's emo. Epically failed.
Fact #33: Insulting the one human being on earth she's officially not a fan of by perpetually calling him sensitive.
Fact #34: Addicted to caffeine, as to be found in Club Mate, straight coffee and dirty soy chai mainly.
Fact #35: Can make one hell of a dirty chai latte.
Fact #36: Claims not to have a sleeping disorder, but being trapped in the wrong time zone.
Fact #37: Just about to replace her soul with caffeine and become immortal.
Fact #38: Has found a way to actively dream of ninja games against morphing super-evil killers and fighting them while flying.
Fact #39: Loves lock picking as a substitute for dumbing down with television.
Fact #40: Vinyl collector & 'weird' music addict.
Fact #41: Collector of sick tattoo ideas.
Fact #42: Has the skin tone of Pantone 475 c.
Fact #43: Was told never to have babies. Wouldn't even think about that being an option, anyway.
Fact #44: Said to be a postmodernist. Not confirmed. Yet.
Fact #45: Funnily and/or oddly enough, she's proud of being a geek while getting most het up when being called an artist.
Fact #46: Little Miss cynic herself.
Fact #47: Extreme skills in being cryptic in terms of all communication matters.
Fact #48: Makes noises.
Fact #49: Definitely not able to put her life into one single phrase, no matter in how many characters.
Fact #50: Won the internet on March 10th, 2008 01:49 am.


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