Monday, April 21, 2008

OMG, meh wantz!!!

Since most of you may've already heard, the amazing Portishead are just about to release their 3rd studio album (finally!), called Third.

You can check out some of the most notable reviews via the album's Wikipedia page links, or google them on blogsearch, so there's not really a need for me to elaborate on it.

The only thing I'm saying is:
It's awesome. Seriously.
I heart it.

Therefore, I provide you with a Mediafire d/l-link to the album even prior to its release - of course not to pirate it, but to give the whole thing a listen & agree with me that Third is one of the best albums to be released (so far) this year!
So if you like it, go buy it.

Also, talking about going crazy for records: There's a preorder for the Third limited edition box set, yay!

If ever I wished to put something on a wishlist - this box would definitely be on the very top of it! <3
Unfortunately, my birthday's only in late October, so I may not find someone to give a present like that to me...

Besides, I posted the YouTube video of Machine Gun, the - already released - 12" single featured on Third, on my brand new account - with which I'm pretty much in love with (the song as well as soup, that is).

In other, completely unrelated news:
I just can't fuckin wait to go back to Berlin for the ph-neutral in May!
And I'm even more excited about going to Los Angeles in early September, hanging out with the most lovely folks/friends/geeks/nerds (who are just about building a new hacker space called LAspace, woohoo!), flying over to San Francisco for monochrom's Arse Elektronika at the end of the month.

Take care!

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ae said...

I'm an American blogger and writer visiting Vienna for a couple of days to meet with some people. I wanted to know if anyone was up for hanging out and chatting. My focus is mostly on the politics of religion (Islam) as well as philosophy and literature. I contribute to the Guardian and Huffington Post.

Look forward to hearing from you.

A. Eteraz
eteraz at gmail dot com

ps - I love Portis Head