Friday, March 14, 2008

A Dead Scene

Yesterday night I went to a show of the most awesome mathcore maniacs Dillinger Escape Plan (1.1/1.2b) - supported by hardcore doyens Poison the Well (2.1/2.2b) and the unbelievable jazzcore avantgardists Stolen Babies (3.1/3.2b/3.3) - and was simply blown away.

If ever they happen to crash into your town, go have a look.


Calculating Infinity
Irony Is a Dead Scene (feat. Mike Patton)

Stolen Babies

There Be Squabbles Ahead

Also, I want to introduce you to Urban Takeover - a super fun game developed by a bunch of amazing friends - which just recently had its alpha version launched ...

Go have a look at the instructions & be part of it!


bernd said...

oh noo. what happened to ?... can't find anything.. :-/ ..mpf

* the girl formerly known as esther * said...

I'm afraid the project died just a couple of months ago =(