Sunday, March 30, 2008

From Hamburg With Love

(dates back to 23/03/08)

Though I love Hamburg for its haven and that very special smell in the air (part drunken sailor, part dead fish), there's one epic, EPIC fail about this city: no wifi. Like, no-fuckin-where. Or at least everyone 'saves' them with a password, which is simply ridiculous in my eyes.

Therefore, I - by far! - wasn't able to get as much work done as I scheduled for myself.
Of course, this is nothing I could only complain about, since I met so many friends these days I wouldn't have given myself the time to otherwise. Also, I spent hours and hours at the Endless Pain tattoo convention, as well as walking the streets of Hamburg now that it finally stopped raining, hailing and snowing.
Yay for real life social interaction & getting dirty ;)

Also, I kept connection to the outer world via Twitter, a service I wonder how I ever could live without before now... and which is also partly implemented to a kinda 'urban hacking' game I'm very proud to be able to introduce to you, kindest readership, today:

Urban Takeover, developed (or rather, still in the process of being fixed) by the 72dpi army, makes you tag your city by putting up stickers on the urban environment and thus 'claiming' these objects/spots/streets/hot chicks/whatever. For every claimed spot the player (or team) gets points; also, there's some bonus for photographs taken, weirdest objects & spots, highscores, etc.
I guess the best way to get an idea what it's all about is to check out their site, the flickr group or the twitter account - and, of course, get involved =)

In other news, I got myself a bunch of new music (as usual), which I'd - at least partially - would like to share with you as soon as I'm back in Vienna again. Promise.
Or, if I can ever get hold of these in a digitalized form:

DJ Da Cut - Ostinato
DJ Spooky vs. Dave Lombardo
Peeping Tom - s/t
Kostnice - Finsterfelden
Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

Special thanks go to lovely & great video artist Kewagi and photographer Michi Inmann at this point, who drove my attention to Amy's album. Which goes perfectly along with a long late night of wine & cigarettes.

I'll be heading over to Berlin again at the end of the week & will report back from all the fun we'll most likely have there, the super-yummy food we may enjoy, and the re:publica.
Totally excited to meet some very gorgeous people there again!

Besides, it's only a couple of days until I get my next two tattoos - can't wait.
Yay for ink <3


baze.djunkiii said...

and i bet u bought those records at otaku records where i work at ;)

* the girl formerly known as esther * said...

Haha, and I bet you already know very well that you're right =)