Thursday, March 13, 2008


Tonight I passed the Heldenplatz in Vienna, and this is what hit my eyes:

Unfortunately, I only found articles about the 80.000 candle-light installation in german (as to be seen here in Die Presse, for instance) - but I think it's incredibly beautiful as a sight itself!

In other news, I haven't found much sleep within the last weeks; nor did I find enough time to spend on all the things I'd love to get done.
But I'm looking forward to going to Hamburg and Berlin the next weeks, meeting some awesome friends and artists I haven't seen in a while, and return all recharged on rest and motivation again.

Also, my life is pretty much turned upside down.
Which doesn't sound like news at all. Maybe I should've adapted to that situation by now ;)

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CrescentStar said...

saw grails and red sparrows on your profile. Give this a try