Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fuckhead @ the Chelsea

The other night, I went to a show of the very gorgeous Fuckhead (see multiple links below, though unfortunately they're not yet to be found on Wikipedia), a band/project formed back in 1988, from Upper Austria. Right, it was their 20th anniversary - pretty unbelievable, but true! I've seen them like 7 to 10 times by now, and still, the fascination goes on.

So what is it all about?
Actually, Fuckhead is neither a band nor a performance group in any common sense... extreme, excessive, complex, theatrical, repulsive. And maybe only seeing them at a live show could really explain. But perhaps the YouTube viddy links I dared to post below may give a little bit of an insight.
In other words:
The new official diplomatic team of Austria - representing the beauty and modernity of people and land - performing the songs and the dances of this tiny sentimental nation of crashing folkloristic bores in an advanced way.

The current line-up, a who-is-who of Austrian live/electronic music/fluxus happening/plus-so-much-more artists (again):
Didi Bruckmayr (voc/vid; also founding member of Wipeout, Dr. Didi, Imago et.al.)
Michael Strohmann (guit/bass/DSP/sequ/vid; member of Pest, Imago et.al.)
Didi Kern (drums/perc; member of Wipeout, Bulbul, Pest et.al.)
Aigner Siegmar (voc)
Alexander Jöchtl (mix/master; also member of Dr. Didi et.al.)

Now coming to the more interesting part of this post: the stuff...

I deigned to compile a small catalog of Fuckhead's most famous and awesome pieces, including:
Die Einsamkeit
Ich bin traurig
And The Ego Flows
Brainpan Cauterizer
The Circumcision
The Clones
Ass In My Face
The Best
plus the previously unreleased Mozart-mash-up, Egypt.
Just for your convenience, part one and two.

Also, I was so bold as to assemble two of the most beautiful Wipeout tracks, namely
Der Zerrissene, and
My Simple Love,
too - right over here.
Besides, I would very warmly recommend you to get hands on their latest album, Black Light District Boys. Simply amazing.

Last but not least, some more links:

the very official Fuckhead site
Fuckhead @ Mego
and on SRA

Fuckhead videos on YouTube:
Life at Wasted, pt. 1
Life at Wasted, pt. 2

Wipeout @ Rhiz

Bruckmayr - Mrs. Big Love

Wipeout @ Myspace




Didi Bruckmayr
@ Myspace
and @ play.fm

Michael Strohmann

Fadi Dorninger (former Fuckhead, now Wipeout member)
plus here
and ranting about Didi B. over there

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