Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yay, incoming again!

What yours truly found in the mail box yesterday (brought to its new home i.e. my CD rack by the Web of Mimicry):

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Of Natural History (2004)

I cannot recommend you this band warmly enough. My very, very favourite album of all times.
d/l from Rapidshare

Miasma & The Carousel Of Headless Horses
Perils (2005)

Another experimental art-rock project by Daniel O'Sullivan, who is also involved in Guapo, Aethenor, or Mothlite.
d/l from Mediafire

O'Sullivan btw makes me think of Stephen O'Malley in connection with Aethenor, whose - most awesome!! - bands/projects involve the following:
Sunn O)))
Burning Witch
Lotus Eaters
plus, of course, Aethenor

Two more albums which are totally worth listening, though not in my mail box this time:
1000% Downer + Return to Nothing (both 2004)
d/l from Megaupload

Also, experimental/drone/doom metal band Khanate again reminds me of James Plotkin, who worked on two other great projects within the last years, namely Atomsmasher and Phantomsmasher, which you should definitely check out if you happen get your hands on.

Additionally, I may provide you with these Khanate links:
d/l from Megaupload

Things Viral
d/l from Megaupload

It's cold when birds fall from the sky
d/l from Megaupload, again.

Futurist's Against The Ocean

The ambient-death-grindcore band's first full-lenfth album (following the split w/ Burning Witch), with a cover artwork assembled by Stephen O'Malley.
d/l from Megaupload


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oh, got it already, thanks.
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Sticky River said...

I Do do do like them all. Especially Asva. Saw them live this year in Hamburg. It was amazing!