Saturday, February 9, 2008

I <3 music. I <3 people.

I thought it would be pretty nice to list some of the apps and stuff I use the most to d/l & share music...
For your, my kindest readers, convenience.
And for a wider musical horizon generally.
And just for the fuck of it, of course.

The Sordo Music Archive
The hugest easily accessible database of individually uploaded music links I got to know until now, and by far the most amiable.
Unfortunately, sometimes the site is down due to... well, you know... (l)awful issues. Whenever this happens, you may have a look at his blog. Actually, he's looking for donations right now, too, since the site shall be upgraded to a top-level domain shortly.
Visiting the site for the first time, you may have to enter the pass 'quack'.

Google blog search
There are so many great people somewhere outside there on the internets, providing the humble seeker daily with loads of albums they upload to sites like Mediafire, Megaupload, Rapidshare, et cetera. (Did I already mention I love people? Well, at least I love these.)

Google index search
Pretty much self-explanatory. You'll have to replace the word "band" with the band name you're looking for, naturally ;)

The Pirate Bay
Guess everyone already knows that one. Still, this wouldn't be a complete listing of my mostly used sites if I didn't put it on record.

Bunglefever ftp
Some wonderful guy I will be thankful to for the rest of my life brought together all kinds of recordings referring to Mike Patton, related projects and other MP-hardcorefan-interesting stuff on this server. Love it.

A Firefox extension (works under Firefox version 1.5 up to 3.0b2; unfortunately there's no updated add-on for the beta3 version yet...) that 'helps' you download mp3s and videos you shouldn't be able to otherwise. (Especially like to use it when I happen to catch a nice tune on Myspace that I'd like to listen to again.)

Simplify Media
A friend of mine (thank's again!) advised me to get this app to share my iTunes library with him only a few weeks ago... For now, not only my collegues and some friends installed it, too, but I discovered its wonderful convenience by actually sharing my own music with me - between the different computers I work on, that is. Simply. Great.

Plus, today I found these trousers somewhere under piles of stuff I'm trying hardest to tidy up and clear away these days in my appartment (which is just about to become a shared flat). Haven't seen - and therefore worn - them in years to be honest (shame on me), and I finally discovered I love them. Though they're pretty large.

Actually I'm only just posting that to use the 'randomness' label again, which I've ignominously neglected for the last weeks.
Good. Done.

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