Sunday, February 17, 2008


Finally, I brought my new Pro-Ject record player home yesterday after having it assembled by the folks at the House of HiFi Vienna.

Until then I hadn't worried about which color I'd like to go for, which slightly drove me into a bit of sudden hecticness at the store, so I twittered for help - not striking it lucky actually, since Twitter didn't forward any DMs in time...

See-sawing between glossy black and clinical white, I went for the second option (and turned out, most Twitterers would've done so, too) - and am more than happy with it!

After I arrived home VERY late, I decided on arranging and finetuning it in the morning... but when I woke up (on the floor, FTW?!?) at around half past 3 am again I just couldn't resist setting it up right away.
I still cannot believe how on earth I managed to practically live without listening to my beloved records for the last two months!

Also, I tried to keep myself from thinking of playing Mono's You Are There - but epically failed. Therefore distracted myself with Amon Tobin's Bloodstone EP (also, here's the links to their full-length album FOLEY ROOM - part one and part two via Mediafire -, my most favourite AT record ever! *love*).

Gosh. I'm a record junkie.

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rp said...

Was ist den das für eine tolle Tapete auf dem Bild? lg