Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another day, another blog.

Now this hopefully will be the very last time I worry about social stripteasing on the internet and splitting up my mind over 31 (in words: thirty-one!) different websites I forget about checking and updating all the time.
Finally, the point has come where I cannot even remember the simpliest passwords I used.
I don't want my mind to be in a race just to make sure I didn't forget about... some 72 dpi stuff (and the other people being addicted to it)!

From now on, please keep this blog in mind - since this will be the only post of its kind here:
I'm gonna place the most important links to the most 'important' sites I use for social networking and alike and wherefrom, ever from now on, I'm just gonna link to this brandnew blog of mine, right at the bottom, at your disposal. (Until I'm finally finished with my own site, that is. Which probably may take me another year, looking back on how little I managed to work on it in 2007.)
Privacy matters, all well and good. But I really need some rest from all that Myspace/Facebook/StudiVZ/Suicidegirls messaging/blogging/commenting insanity.

So go ahead and subscribe to this blog instead all of that other crap of mine.
Thank's for your kindest understanding.

Flickr: Right at the moment, this is my very favourite kind of a 'blog': less words, more fun. I love it.

Suicidegirls: Somehow something in between addiction and - strangely - work to me. Plus totally hot nakedness, of course! Actually, I'm not going to link or move my SG blog over here entirely, but just copy & paste some of the stuff I write. Maybe.

Myspace: Well, you know... I'm sure you know what I mean.
So no more blogging on there.

Facebook: Right. What the heck am I doing right now, right there? Barely used, FB feels like a millstone round my neck.

StudiVZ: Same thing, actually - if only there wasn't my very best friend dRea who forced me into it, somehow ;)

Iqons: Networking for fashionistas & co. That blurb is the only thing that will stay over there, too. Even to ppl who may've only met me once or twice, it's pretty obvious I'm completely into music. I fall for gorgeous, nice, rare records again and again. Thus, no wonder I got a account - pretty weird though, I always forget turning it on or logging in.
Which reminds me again of the fact I haven't posted about music or concerts for weeks; which feels like ages to me. Brrr. Links, links, and links again. Actually I've started a second and third one for the agency, and for the University of Applied Arts when I used to work for them (copro & computerstudio)...
Will let you know about any spectacular updates on this blog, too.

Twitter: Blogging in only 140 characters per post. Pretty awesome, I gotta admit. Unfortunately, not many spread the word around mid-Europe yet.

Skype: This may be the app I use second most (right after Entourage for mails)...
If you don't feel like staying in contact via commenting on here, I pretty much advise you to skype me instead. Seriously, I can't stand these Msp/StudiVZ/whatthefuck msges any longer.

AIM: Hardly ever use it, but still there's a couple of ppl who haven't yet given in and got a Skype account. Gosh!

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