Saturday, January 26, 2008

Villalog & Mäuse @ Rhiz

Just a short note on the Villalog / Mäuse show at Rhiz, Vienna on Jan. 24th

I didn't know Villalog (also to be found here; feat. B. Fleischmann on the drums) before, but I found they were pretty amazing. They just released their new CD 'Zwei' (two) under the Angelika Köhlermann/Hoanzl label, which you should definitely check out. It sounds like a toxic mix out of hypnotic electro-beats and melodic-psychedelic guitar tracks, underlined by ambient soundscapes from time to time, then again evolving in manic out-of-space-rock parts. Loved their "West Berlin" song!

But the reason for me to go to that show actually was the Mäuse performance - being their second gig after AGES!! (the first one just took place a couple of days ago...)

The line-up practically is a who-is-who of austrian sub-subversive music (plus non-music, too) culture; more precisely:
Tex Rubinowitz (vocals),
Gerhard Potuznik (guitar) - these two also running the Angelika Köhlermann label;
Philipp Quehenberger (keyboards), and
DD Kern (on the drums).

Yay for reunions - at least in like... umm... 5 % of the cases! ;)

All in all, the gig was pretty short, unfortunately - and Mäuse didn't play their greatest-of-all-times-hit (at least to me, that is), 'Il Pullover'.
Still, the show totally rocked.

Will upload the videos I took later on.
I promise!

Tex R. also did a very fine job on the DJing after the show - playing mostly 1960ies/early 70ies hits. Really freaked me out, in connection to these bands!
Since then I just can't get rid of this sweet tune I catched (and therefore have to share with you):

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