Friday, January 18, 2008

Pure Golden Love

Actually, I wanted to blog about some music and design stuff today - but the breaking news of the day (me getting a new absolutely special and generally awesome vintage single speed bike of course) totally overruled these intentions!! Lookie:

At the Radlager - Stavros is a genius. And incredibly fast with bikes.

Finally: My little beauty at Drea's place, waiting for our next ride tomorrow morning...

Single speed rocks. I think.

Did I already mention the term 'beauty'? ;)

Btw, my very special Pure Golden Love baby is a 1960ies Capo (Viennese) racer, but I had it customized. Chances you'll find anything alike in Vienna tend to zero.

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void said...

That's a pretty wicked bike, congrats :D Test drive it and share your experience ;))