Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Reign in Blood feat. on Wikipedia

Today's featured article on Wikipedia:

Californian trash metal band Slayer's 1986 released third studio album, Reign in Blood.

It's the album they did just before South of Heaven, which came out in 1988, and just as awesome i think. Featuring their well-known - and more than once used for movie soundtracks - song Angel of Death, the discussions about the band sympathizing with Nazi and racist issues leading to much controversy started from thereon. Because of these issues, Def Jam's distributor Columbia Records refused to release the album, and it therefore got distributed by Geffen Records; however, it never appeared on Geffen's official release schedule.

After the tours following the release of Reign in Blood, drummer Dave Lombardo left the band (but will return ten years after, for their album Christ Illusion); in the meantime, he played with several other artists, including Mike Patton with Fantomas (the probably most awesome music project EVER), or Apocalyptica on their Reflections album.

Me likez jabbering bout featured articles. ;)

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