Monday, January 14, 2008

Junk City

If you follow Boing Boing or io9, you may have already read about Chu Enoki's RPM-1200, also referred to as the Junk City (actually i think it was featured in several blogs by now):

(photograph by Keizo Kioku)

Referring to his own site, japanese sculptor Enoki started to build that beautiful, crescent-shaped, shiny cityscape out of old, highly polished metal drill bits, mashine parts, junk and garbage - what other people may call it -, already back in 2005.

The giant diorama is over 11 feet tall and measures 15 feet in diameter, and is incredibly detailed.
It is one of his newest installations to be on display, and to me, one of his absolutely most impressive ones (though I'm pretty much into all of his other artworks, too)!

(photograph by Yuto Hirakakiuchi)

For an exhibition in Tokyo, Japan Enoki positioned the RPM-1200 in a pitch black room with the lights slowly turning off and on over the city, casting highly realistic shadows of futuristic skyscrapers.

Often categorized as avant-garde, Chu Enoki seems to follow his very own path to art and making.

Go have a look:

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